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Newly Launched CardFunder App Makes Gift Card Donations Simple

The newly launched CardFunder app makes gift card donations simple by enabling supporters to donate potentially $Billions in unused gift cards from their phones.

Cardfunder is an innovative giving platform that converts new or partially used gift cards into cash. The newly launched CardFunder Mobile APP expands and accelerates the existing platform. Cardfunder is a free tool that is a game-changer for fundraisers. It lets donors contribute $Billions of unwanted gift card balances to fundraisers from their mobile phones. The app’s simplicity enables donors to increase community groups’ access to potential donations by accepting gift card donations from anywhere in the U.S. Churches, schools, and nonprofit fundraisers can all benefit from using the CardFunder Mobile APP.

“This tool vastly increases the reach and efficiency of digital fundraising efforts tapping into the potential of billions in unused funds,” says founder and CEO Russ Howard

While CardFunder already exists as a successful website that empowers fundraisers to accept physical gift cards, the mobile app takes this concept further. Now, donors no longer need to physically hand over their gift card (although they still can).

“This tool vastly increases the reach and efficiency of digital fundraising efforts tapping into the potential of billions in unused funds,” says founder and CEO Russ Howard. “Our revolutionary program aims to innovate and enhance giving while reducing unnecessary monetary waste.”

Platforms like GoFundMe changed the game for virtual fundraising efforts, and this app does the same for gift card fundraising. Through this novel approach, any group can easily hold a hybrid fundraiser that reaches friends and family across the country. And they can share it with all their friends—unlimited by geography.

Americans are estimated to have $21 billion worth of unused gift cards. According to Bankrate, 47% of Americans over the age of 18 own one or more gift cards, vouchers, or another form of store credit. This comes out to $175 per consumer, which is a lot of money to leave lying around.

When accepting gift card donations, leveraging the app simplifies the entire process for these groups. Setup couldn’t be easier, and they can launch a fundraiser in moments—ready to share with all their supporters. For all these reasons, the CardFunder app is a game-changer for virtual and hybrid fundraising.

How does the CardFunder app work? Groups can share the fundraiser link on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—or by QR code. Or, donors can search by a fundraiser’s code or name to find it. Then, they can scan each side of the gift card they’re donating. They’ll follow the prompts given by the app, which will guide them through the easy, intuitive process. After selecting the merchant, they’ll enter card information and submit their donation with the click of a button. Finally, they can receive a receipt or confirmation message by entering their email or phone number.

This innovative approach to giving and receiving donations makes accepting unwanted gift cards more manageable than ever by streamlining the entire process. This incredibly user-friendly tool will expand the reach of a fundraiser across time zones and regions, allowing out-of-state friends, family, and supporters to donate easily. This makes the app perfect for a virtual or hybrid fundraiser.

The CardFunder app is available for download on Google Play or the App Store. A school or church fundraiser can prompt supporters to download the app to contribute to their cause. Email if you have more questions about getting started!

About CardFunder
CardFunder powers fundraising efforts by enabling community groups to accept unwanted gift card funds. CardFunder provides all the tools needed to run a gift card campaign efficiently to serve schools, churches, nonprofits, and other groups. Through these efforts, CardFunder helps local groups and large nonprofits tap into the more than $20B in unspent gift cards.