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Stable Strides Farm Partners with CardFunder, Allowing them to Accept Gift Cards as Charitable Donations for Fundraisers

The recently released CardFunder App enables supporters to donate potentially $Billions in unused gift cards from their phones.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / — The CardFunder app lets donors contribute unwanted gift card balances to a fundraiser from their mobile phones, increasing community groups’ access to potential donations. By instantly accepting gift card donations from anywhere in the U.S., this free tool is changing the game for fundraisers. Church, school, and nonprofit fundraisers can benefit from this app.

While CardFunder already empowered fundraisers to accept gift cards, the mobile app takes this concept further. Donors no longer need to physically hand over their gift cards (although they still can).

“CardFunder is a simple, inexpensive, and fun way to fundraise,” ”

— Bob McKenzie, Stable Strides’ Treasurer and Board of Directors Member

“This tool will vastly increase the reach and efficiency of digital fundraising efforts using social media and email,” says founder and CEO Russ Howard.

“By dramatically boosting access, it will even increase the chance of a digital fundraiser going viral.”

Platforms like GoFundMe changed the game for virtual fundraising efforts, and this app does the same for gift card fundraising. Through the CardFunder app’s novel approach, any group can easily hold a hybrid fundraiser that reaches friends and family across the country. Since over half of U.S. adults have at least one unused gift card tucked away in a drawer or wallet (with an average of $116 per person), this gives community groups unprecedented access to a vast pool of unused funds.

When it comes to accepting these donations, groups have no logistics to figure out, and they can launch a fundraiser in moments—ready to share with all their supporters. For all these reasons, the CardFunder app is a game-changer for virtual and hybrid fundraising.

“CardFunder is a simple, inexpensive, and fun way to fundraise,” says Bob McKenzie, Stable Strides’ treasurer and board of directors member. “Our coaches, volunteers, riders, and families have the opportunity to participate and obtain financial donations. Their support contributes to funding for our ongoing programs and services.”

Groups can share the fundraiser link on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—or by QR code. They’ll simply follow the prompts given by the app, which will guide them through the easy, intuitive process.

“We are excited and looking forward to using the new CardFunder App,” says McKenzie. “After completing a successful physical card campaign, we can now benefit from ongoing donations through the app. We look forward to adding this easy-to-use portal and other shopper reward contribution programs already in place for fundraising.”

The CardFunder app is available for download on Google Play or the App Store. A school or church fundraiser can prompt supporters to download the app to contribute to their cause. Email if you have more questions about getting started!

About CardFunder
CardFunder powers fundraising efforts by enabling community groups to accept unwanted gift card funds. Serving schools, churches, nonprofits, and other groups, CardFunder provides all the tools needed to easily run a gift card campaign. Through these efforts, CardFunder helps local groups and large nonprofits tap into the more than $20B in unspent gift cards.

About Stable Strides
Stable Strides Farm’s mission is “to teach independence in life through independence in riding.” For over 20 years, Stable Strides Farm has been an award-winning nonprofit organization helping hundreds of children and adults through therapeutic horseback riding. Through the unique relationship between horse and rider, people can overcome physical, emotional, social, and cognitive challenges. All of our coaches are certified through PATH Intl., and our horses are exceptionally sensitive to their riders and love their jobs. Our riders compete at horse shows with classes for riders with disabilities, and some compete within able-bodied riding classes. Stable Strides Farm riders compete in horse shows from State Special Olympics to the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. Two prior students have completed PATH Intl. certification and moved on to become trainers within the program.

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