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We know running a fundraiser can be overwhelming.  That’s why we created the CardFunder: Fundraiser Made Easy Resource Page.

CardFunder was founded with the idea to support all organizations in generating a great relationship with their supporters while helping them make more money to achieve their financial goals with record-breaking profit margins.

How do we do this? By collecting new and partially used gift cards and redeeming them for cash on behalf of your fundraising event. Did you know that more than $3 BILLION in unused gift cards go to waste every year!

Together we can change that!

CardFunder Fundraisers cater to every organization whose goal is to raise money for a worthy cause. Whether you’re a school trying to raise funds for additional classroom supplies, a youth sports club in need of new uniforms, or a church wanting to fund your next mission CardFunder has you covered! 

Below you’ll find some of our favorite fundraising resources. Everything from a fundraising checklist and social media toolkit to a good ol fundraising thermometer. Your next successful fundraiser starts here!

Surprising Gift Card Statistics and Trends

CardFunder Social Media Toolkit

CardFunders social media toolkit contains resources and examples to help streamline your fundraising campaign on social media platforms.

CardFunder Fundraising Checklist

To successfully raise more for your next fundraising event, download the CardFunder Fundraising Checklist to break the planning process into simple, actionable steps.

Event Thermometer

This free fundraising thermometer widget allows you to customize your thermometer goal, color, and size. Try it now!

Social Media Assets

Download social media assets for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Email Campaigns ​

Raise more money for your event with our email templates. Helping to improve donor engagement


Distributing flyers to your community, schools, sports clubs, and organization is still one of the best ways to promote fundraising events. Download these fundraiser flyers for FREE.